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Scope the area by foot

lake Alleghe

The tour of lake Alleghe is one of the most accessible walks in this area, a suggestive and easy stroll around the lake, with glimpses of the town and the surrounding mountains.

Alte Vie delle Dolomiti

For those who wish to explore the Dolomites, an extensive network of paths and trail of various difficulties allows you to reach the most panoramic and picturesque places in the area. The Alte Vie delle Dolomiti, a series of high mountain hiking trails, offer an alternative way to experience these mountains. Completing each trail in full requires several days of walking, but it is also possible to cover shorter stages, some of which are only a short distance from our home. In fact, the Alta Via Numero 1 an be reached from our home, as an extenson of the path to the Piani di Pezzè.

lake Coldai

Escursion to lake Coldai, at the foot of Mount Civetta, with incomparable views over Mount Pelmo.

Capanna Trieste

From Capanna Trieste to the Vazzoler and Tissi refuges, a demanding hike (a 20 kilometres round trip, with 1000 metres elevation gain) which offers unique panoramas and dramatic views.

Loop of the Giau Pass

Loop of the Giau Pass, which passes by five refuges, including the Nuvolau the oldest refuge in the Dolomites, perched on top of the eponymous mountain, at a height of 2575 metres.


Climbing enthusiasts can find in this area many cliffs and some of the oldest and most spectacular via ferratas in all the Dolomites, with different levels of difficulty.