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The Museum of the Great war

During the First World War this area was the scene of fierce fighting between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces and even today you can see trenches, tunnels and fortifications, often located in wonderful natural settings.

The Museum of the great war at the top of the Marmolada, can be reached with the cable car from Malga Ciapela and gives a glimpse of the daily life in these zones at the beginning of the twentieth century and the high-altitude living conditions experienced by soldiers during the war. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the famous Ice City, a unique complex labyrinth of tunnels dug by the Austro-Hungarian army in the heart of the glacier. The museum is open in winter and during the summer.

During the ski season, the Tour of the Great War, of which Alleghe is part, retraces the front of the First World War, winding beneath the most beautiful peaks: Civetta, Pelmo, 5 Torri, Tofana, Lagazuoi, Setsass, Conturines, Sassongher , Sella and Marmolada.

Trails of lagazuoi

From Passo Falzarego, you can follow the trails of the Lagazuoi Open Air Museum to explore the tunnels dug into Mount Lagazuoi and, on the opposite side, the Austrian trenches of Sass de Stria. Both peaks offer 360 degree views that extend up to the Austrian Alps and from the top of Mount Lagazuoi starts one of the most beautiful ski slopes in the Dolomites, the Armentarola. Nearby, the open-air World War 1 museum at the 5 Torri displays the Italian trenches along various paths in breathtaking landscapes.